Dynamic Visibility Options

The newest addition to the Properties Panel is the Dynamic Options feature.

(Please note: This feature is currently only available for Landing Pages.)


With Dynamic Options, you can select any item in your Landing Page design and decide to Show or Hide it based on the fields in your Contact List. This allows you to show or hide certain elements of your design to certain groups of contacts. For example in a webform, you could hide particular form fields from users under 18, based on the Date of Birth you have on file in the Contact List.


Simply select whatever item in your design you wish to dynamically display (a row, column, text box, button, image, form field etc).

Then select 'Show' or 'Hide' from the first dropdown menu, and then the relevant field from your Contact List in the second dropdown menu.


In the screenshot above, the option being chosen is Hide: 'ExportDate' from the Contact List. Once 'ExportDate' has been chosen, the next options become available, as shown in the screenshot below.


'ExportDate' is a Date type field, and so a date must be selected in conjunction with the one of the options: Before, After, Equal to, or Is Empty. In this example, the component chosen will be hidden for any contact with an 'ExportDate' after April 18, 2023.

These Dynamic Options can help shape the design of your Landing Pages, and display only the relevant content to the relevant contacts.

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