Email Reports Explained

Here is a brief explainer on the metrics and figures you might see in your email reports.


Sent: The email has left the Which50 system

Delivered: Which50 has received a delivery report from your contact's mail server (Note: If an email is in the spam folder, it will still send a delivery receipt back to Which50, and still be deemed Delivered)

Bounced: Which50 has received a delivery report from your contacts' mail server: Which50 has received a Hard or Soft bounce from your contacts' mail server. 

NB: A Hard Bounce is a message that tells Which50 that the email address does not exist, and is permanently undeliverable. A Soft Bounce tells Which50 that there is a temporary issue blocking delivery, which could be a full mailbox, network issues or an out of office autoresponder.



Opened: The email has been opened. Which50 detects this by tracking a 1px transparent image embedded in every email. Once your contact opens the email, that image is downloaded and Which50 knows the email has been opened. This also applies to emails viewed in the Reading Pane.

Read: The email is deemed Read when it remains Open for 5 seconds or more.

CTR (Contacts Clicked / Delivered): The number of clicks as a percentage of the total delivered.



User Unsubscribes: The number of manual unsubscribes (i.e. User clicks unsubscribe through the email).

Auto Unsubscribes: The number of unsubscribes as a result of a hard bounce. (you will always find this number to be the exact same as the 'Hard Bounced' figure further up in your campaign report)


Clicks Per Link

Link Name(s): This section will show you the number of unique and total clicks per link in your email.


Devices & Browsers

Which50 detects the device and browser used to view the email. These figures are pulled into this section. Click the  icon to show a list view with exact figures.


Daily Statistics

For emails sent out on a recurring basis (i.e. using Date Recurring or File Import triggers), you will see the Daily Statistics section populated. This will show you the headline figures for each day that week. You can use the calendar or the arrows to review previous weeks.




NOTE: You may also be able to export the data where you see the number underlined. If you cannot see the figures underlined, then you do not have access to export reporting data. Speak to the main account admin to request this permission.


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