Version 9.14


  • Keyboard Shortcut: Pressing the 'Enter' key after filling in the last field in a Webform will now submit the form
  • When using the Document Upload component, you now have the option to upload multiple images, to combine Images and to combine Files
  • You can now use Personalisation to display the current date in a Landing Page. The input should be written as: [[CM_SystemDate]]

Activity Triggers

  • When setting up an Activity Trigger, the option to 'Advance/Delay' an Activity now includes the option to "Allow Weekends". If this option is turned off, any potential delays that would result in an email sending during the weekend will be delayed until the following Monday.



Document Request

  • You can now extend the Expiry Date on Document Requests
  • Added Multi-Party support for Doc Requests
  • You can now automate the sending of Reminder Emails for Doc Requests
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