Version 9.15

Document Request

'Doc Request' is a new feature within Which50. We have now added support for uploading documents as part of a Document Request envelope. We have also added Doc request support for sending a notification to the requestor when documents are uploaded.


Emails & eDocuments

All components within the Designer (except views within a Multi-view), can be shown or hidden based on data from your Contact List fields. A Row or a Column, or any item within these, can be hidden to an email recipient depending on certain information about that person. For example: a 'Pay Now' button can be hidden if a certain person has already paid a bill they were required to pay.


Various Bug Fixes

The 'Tag' feature (found in the Settings menu) was not filtering the result while the user was searching for tagged campaigns. We have now improved the feature to sort the tagged campaigns more easily and offer a better user experience.

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