Version 10


The Which50 Version 10 update includes some major changes and new features to the platform. You'll find a list of those changes below, with more information coming soon as V10 is released.


New Icons & Homescreen layout


The Which50 Homescreen has a brand new look & feel, and immediately you'll notice the new icons and colours. We have also rearranged the bottom row of icons to better suit the more commonly accessed sections of Which50.

You will also notice a new suite of icons for different journey elements, such as Emails, Webforms & Messenges, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.



Marketing & Service Comms


The ability to send Marketing and Service communications has not changed, but the selection has. You'll now find the option is found just above where you would name your Email/SMS. This allows you to switch between the communication types much quicker than before, and also simplifies the list of available elements to add to your Journeys.


Push Notifications for Apps


Which50 will now support the creation and sending of personalised Push Notifications.


Customers will receive notifications on their phones and if they tap they can complete a Which50 journey from inside the mobile app.


WhatsApp & Messenger Integration


We are introducing the ability to send WhatsApp and Messenger communications from Which50! Selecting a Marketing Message (previously only "SMS") will now give the ability to select either an SMS, a WhatsApp or Messenger message. Sending WhatsApp messages provides added benefits like end-to-end encryption, and built-in hyperlinks for increased trust in link clicking.


As both WhatsApp & Messenger require verified business accounts they can reduce customers' concern about fraudulent links in text messages.


'Print & Post'


Which50 makes it easy to digitally send communications that previously might have required phyical mail, especially when we introduced eDocuments. However there is still a need to physically mail some important information to your customers.



W50 Credits

Which50 has always operated via a Credit system, to allow bulk sending of digital communications. We are now simplifying the types of Credits available for purchase, as we expand our options for communication (including WhatsApp messages for example).

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