How do I create an Anchor Link in my Email?

An Anchor Link is a Link that links to another section of your Email. When a recipient clicks the Anchor Link, they will be automatically brought to this section, without having to scroll down to it.

In your Email or Webform, select the text, button or image you wish to use for your link. Add a link to the button/image, or hyperlink your text words as usual. The New Link popup window will appear like the screenshot below.


The 'Type of link' dropdown menu will be URL by default. Select this dropdown and choose the 'Anchor' type of link instead.

Now the 'Anchor' input will have a dropdown arrow, and if you select that, it will display a list of Rows. These correspond to the Rows you'll find in your Email/Webform design, and if you choose the last Row in the list, it will bring you to the very last Row in your email, for example.

Once you've selected the Row you'd like to bring users to, give the link a name (to help identify link clicks in your email reports).

Click Save and exit the Designer. Test your Anchor Link by clicking View in Manage Content and clicking the Link you have created.

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