Create a New Campaign

When you log in to Which50 for the first time, your Campaigns screen will be empty. Once you start creating Campaigns, you will see details of all your Campaigns in a list on this screen.

In the top right of your Campaigns screen, click the green Create a New Campaign button.


You are now in the Which50 Campaign Templates Library. The Library contains Templates of three common Campaign types. These are Email Campaign, SMS Campaign, and WebForms. These Campaign types are split into a few options for your convenience. You can choose to start with a Marketing or Service Email/SMS, a standalone Webform, or a Webform with an Email. If you do not want to use a Template, you can click the link above the Library and Start from Scratch with a Clean Slate.



We recommend you become familiar with Which50 by first using the Templates provided. When you are more comfortable with the platform, no doubt you will find your own favourite way of doing things!

Let’s start with a Standard Email Campaign.

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