The Journeys Screen

The Journeys screen is one of the main points within Which50. In the screenshot below you can see the list of journeys (sorted by most recently created), and the different coloured circles which show the different status for every journey.


At the top of the Journeys screen, the coloured circles show a numerical count of all your previous journeys and the category they belong to, be it Draft, Testing, Scheduled, Active, or Complete.

A Draft Journey is one currently being worked on. A Testing Journey is one currently being worked on that is in the testing phase. A Scheduled Journey is ready to go, and has been scheduled to run at a certain time. An Active Journey is a currently ‘live,’ Active Journey. A Completed Journey is generally one that was Activated more than one week before.

Click any of these categories and you will see all of its recent Journeys listed by Name, Journey Type, and Journey Start Date. You can also access Reports for each Journey here or Delete the Journey completely.

You can Search for any previous Journey by name and Journey Type, you can Filter the Journeys based on any Tags created & assigned, or choose to display Journeys by Newest first, Oldest first, or alphabetically.


Clicking the W50 icon in the top left of the screen will return you to your Dashboard wherever you are in Which50.

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