Merging New Contacts into a Previously Uploaded Contact List in Which50

To Merge New Contacts into a previously uploaded Contact List, click on the Contacts tab at the top right of any screen in Which50. Find the Contact List you want to Merge New Contacts into and click it. Click the Green Merge button at the top right of the screen.

There are two ways to Merge New Contacts into a previously uploaded Contact List in Which50. You can click the Green Select File button on the leftside of the screen and browse to the file you want on your computer. You can also drag the file directly into the Drop File Here box on the rightside of the screen.

You should ensure that the First Row in the file you are uploading contains Column Names, and leave the box saying The first row in this file contains column names ticked. Once you have selected your file, click the Green Upload button to the bottom right of the screen.

You will now be asked to Review the Fields to be Imported. You can Select the fields to be Merged, and check those that should be use to Uniquely Identify Contacts. Many clients choose Email Address as the Unique Identifier, but you may choose any Field you like.

The Fields in the file to be uploaded must all be Fields present in the Contact List they are to be Merged into. If they are not, Which50 will alert you to the unmatched Fields and will not Merge the file. If this happens to you, we recommend going back to your source file and ensuring that it contains the same Fields as the Contact List you wish to Merge it into.

Provided the Fields are identical, you can now click the Green Merge button at the bottom right of the screen. Ensure the Update Existing Contacts box above the Green Merge button is ticked. 

When you click the Green Merge button, you will see a new screen saying Your data is being imported. Click the Green Close button to the right of this screen.

You will now be returned to the main screen for your chosen Contact List, showing all the Fields in the Contact List. On the right-side of this screen, you will see the File Imports widget. The status of your file import will display as either: Successful, Partially Successful, Unsuccessful. 


If the file import is only "Partially Successful", there will be a link to a folder containing a report on the dropped contacts, and an option to download and inspect them.

The status for the import will change as the file import progresses through each step of the process - providing more information on the time required to complete the file upload.

You will see a real-time status bar showing the progress of your file being Merged.


Once it is finished, you will see the exact Date and Time the Merge occurred, and a Status of Complete. Your file has been Merged into the Contact List successfully.


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