Schedule - WebForm

Schedule is where you Activate your WebForm Campaign. Here you can choose the Planned Campaign Start Date and Time.

 We recommend you set the Planned Campaign End to be a week after the Campaign starts. This does not mean that the Campaign "ends" in any way after this date. Which50 will continue to capture all statistics associated with your Campaign after the Planned Campaign End.

Planned Campaign End is simply an internal setting within Which50, meaning the Campaign will then move further down in the overall Campaign List in your Dashboard to create space for new Campaigns. The Campaign will remain fully accessible at any time in the future within Which50.

Remember to click Save in the top right when you have selected the Planned Campaign Start and End Dates and Times required. To Activate your Campaign, click on the red Activate Campaign button to the right of the screen.

 Always ensure you are satisfied with every aspect of your Campaign before Activation. When you click Activate Campaign, you will receive one final notification asking if you are sure you wish to Activate the Campaign. If you say yes, your Campaign will be Activated.

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