Copy From - Email

The Copy From option allows you to re-use and modify a previous Email that you created in Which50. When you click Copy From you can select the previous Email that you want from the popup list.

The names of all previous Journeys are visible in the grey boxes. The names of all previous Emails within those Journeys are written in black in the white boxes, as shown below.


When you choose an Email you will see a thumbnail of the Email, so you can be sure you are choosing the right one. Click Select to import the Email into the Designer. Importing will also populate all the fields in Manage Content with the data from the original Journey.

This does not make any changes to the original, previous, Journey or Email. You have simply copied all data from it. As mentioned, this includes the Email name, the Subject line etc. in Manage Content. Remember to re-populate these fields with the relevant information for your current Email. You can now make any changes to the original Email that are required for your new Email Journey.

Copy From is a very useful option if you are regularly creating Emails that are similar to previous Emails sent.

Another similar function is the ability to use your own HTML code. You can find out how to use your own HTML here.

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