Trigger an Email to be Sent when a WebForm is Submitted

To Trigger an Email to be sent when a WebForm is submitted, go to Schedule in one of your Campaigns. Ensure that the Campaign you choose contains both an Email and a WebForm. In the Campaign Activities widget, click the Green Add Activity button. An Add Campaign Activity popup window will open.

You can Select the Trigger Event you require from the Step 1. Select the Trigger event dropdown. In this instance, choose Landing Page Submit. The dropdown Field will now be populated with the Name of your WebForm. If there are any other WebForms in your Campaign these will be selectable too.

In the Step 2. Select the Action to run dropdown, choose the fourth option, Send Mail to Contact. This means your Email will be sent only to each particular Contact who submits your WebForm. Any Emails within your Campaign will be selectable in the Step 2 dropdown, so ensure you choose the Email you want. Click the Green Accept button at the bottom right of the window. The Activity Trigger is now enabled and you will be returned to the Schedule screen.

Remember to click Save and to Activate your Campaign!

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