Working with Images in File Manager

Image files can be uploaded into Which50 (and you can drag & drop multiple images simultaneously) with the Which50 File Manager. These images can be used in your communications, such as an email banner image.

You can find File Manager in a few ways:

To add some images for use:

Select the Content Folder at the top left of the File Manager screen.

Open the folder on your computer containing the Images you wish to upload. Select the Images and drag them into whichever subfolder of the main Images folder in File Manager you like. If you want to create a new folder, first select the main Images folder before clicking + Add Folder at the bottom left of the screen.

To create a subfolder of another folder, first select that folder and then click + Add Folder. 

Name the folder and place your Images directly into it by dragging them into the main File Manager window.

You can delete Images from File Manager by selecting them and clicking Delete Files at the bottom of the screen. 

Images can also be uploaded into File Manager by clicking + Add File next to Delete Files.


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