3. What is SPF?

SPF (Sender Policy Framework or Sender ID Framework) improves online trust and confidence and increases the deliverability of legitimate email. It is a newer form of email authentication for incoming email, created to prevent spammers from damaging the reputations of reliable publishers. SPF offers increased protection for your brand and domain, detecting over 95% of phishing exploits.

The SPF validation system is designed to prevent spam by addressing the big issues of source address spoofing and phishing.SPF validates the origin of email messages by cross checking the sender’s IP address against the sender’s Domain Name. In summary, SPF is a more specific DNS entry - it lists which IP Addresses are approved to send mail for your domain.

Therefore, in advance of sending your first email campaign through CustomerMinds, your Network or Web Manager should configure your custom DNS Settings and SPF Records. These configurations only need to be set up once and will ensure improved deliverability and enhanced branding - all links, images etc. in the email will be branded with your organisation’s name.


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