The Throttling Feature

The Throttling Feature is a useful tool if you have a high volume email or SMS Journey. It can be used to make sure that Contact Centres are not overloaded by calls when a particular message is sent out to customers - for example you can spread out the send of a Journey to 1,000 messages every hour if you believe that a higher volume of messages would cause a spike in calls to your office/contact centre.

To set up Throttling in your Journey, on the Schedule screen click the Green Add Activity button. In the Step 1. Select the Trigger event dropdown, choose On Journey Start.

In the Step 2. Select the Action to run dropdown, choose Send Mail to Audience and select the Email you wish to send.

In Step 3. Choose Scheduling Options, tick Throttle Send...You can now choose the amount of Contacts you want to send to every minute/hour/day. You can also choose to send to Contacts between certain designated times, for example between 9:00am and 6:00pm, when your Email is most likely to be read.


If you need to spread out your volume of emails or text messages over a couple of days, you can also set the times when you'd like to stop sending the messages. In the image above, the time frame for sending is between 9am and 6pm. This means that W50 will stop sending messages at 6pm and it will restart the send after 9am the next day.

The "Allow Weekends" check box will ensure you send messages within normal business hours, and can avoid, or allow, sending on Saturday and Sunday if you need to.

If your Throttling is set up to send emails 'per day', then you will notice (shown in the screenshot below), there is only one time slot to select. At the selected time every day the emails will send out.


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