Which50 Home Screen

The Which50 Home Screen has 8 icons on it, as seen below. Each icon will navigate to a different section of the platform.


Starting from the top left:

Campaigns - shows the list of Email, SMS and Webform campaigns created, and where to create new campaigns.

Contacts - shows all lists of contacts, to be used in conjunction with campaigns when determining who will receive communications.

Reports - shows the list of campaigns sent out in the past, and each one can be clicked to view who interacted with each campaign, whether that's receiving an SMS, clicking links in an email, or submitting webforms.

Compliance - this section can be used to research personal details, for when an individual wants to know their contact history. 

Help - this button will lead you here, to the Help Centre!

Media - this is one half of the File Manager; a collection of images to be used in emails or webforms.

Files - this is the other half of the File Manager, used to upload, store, transfer, or download files (e.g. excel sheets, PDFs).

Settings - here you will find all settings relating to your account setup, and various functions like accessing the Suppression List (a collection of everyone who has unsubscribed at some point in the past).


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