Using Multi-Views

A Multi-view is a useful feature which will allow you to display different content to different groups of people within one email.

It can also be used in a Webform to show different results based on buttons clicked or actions taken.

You'll find it as one of the last options in the list when adding Rows to your design, as shown below:multiview1.png

Insert a Multi-view into your design and you'll see a place to add Rows & Columns like normal, surrounded by the green outline of the Multi-view. Selecting the Multi-view (which can always be accessed using the navigation bar at the bottom of your design), will show where to edit the various different views needed.


Here's a few examples of when using a Multi-view can be handy:

  • When you want to run an A/B test, and so use 'View 1' to display a certain paragraph or Call to Action button to 'Group A' within your contacts. And 'View 2' holds a different Call to Action, or different tone of voice in your text paragraphs, which is shown to 'Group B' of your contacts.
  • When you want to show different price information to separate groups of contacts, perhaps if they're new or returning customers, or members/non-members. Using View 1, 2, 3 etc will allow you to choose what info is shown to what customer, based on whichever group they are marked as.
  • When you create a webform, and once a contact submits the form, using a Multi-view will allow you to display a "Thank you" screen after they click the submit button.
  • When building a webform, you can display a "Terms and Conditions" button which can swap the view, so that the T&C's don't have to be listed all in the same place, cluttering up your webform.


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