Headers & Footers - Landing Pages

Soon you'll be able to add Headers and Footers to your Landing Pages and Webforms, allowing you to make sure your company branding and terms and conditions stay the same on each view that you create.

These headers/footers are constantly responsive, meaning that you can scroll or zoom in/out, and the header and footer will stay in position.

Here's an example so you can see how the Header and Footer float above the webform content while scrolling. And read on below for the steps to add them to your Landing Pages.


  • Open the designer for your Landing Page
  • Hover over the orange 'plus' icon as usual to add content
  • Select the Header or Footer from the right hand side
  • Add content inside your header/footer as usual

You can use the settings in the Properties Panel on the right hand side to make sure the Header/Footer remains 'floating', and to add a drop shadow or not.


See an example page here:


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