The SpotCheck Approval Process


The SpotCheck feature can be used for making sure your contacts will receive the right information in the emails & SMS you are about to send. With this feature you can receive a number of emails/text messages just like if you were the intended recipient, with all the personalised details included.

This is similar to the 'Proof Email' process you may be familiar with, but in this case it will send the recipients actual samples of a number of emails with all of the personalised details included.


It's as easy as picking the number of sample emails that you'd like to check, which will be generated with all of the customer details populated correctly. You then list the email addresses of who should receive the sample emails. Which50 will then pick that number of random emails and send them to the 'spot checkers' before the full campaign send is approved.

(You can read more in-depth about the Approval Process here).

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