Can I attach a file to my email?

Attachments can be sent with your email, however this is a managed service.

Contact your account manager or if you'd like to attach a file to your email.


Things to be aware of:

  • Attachment require additional email credits - the number of credits depends on the size of the attachment.  So, even if you send an email campaign with a small attachment, each email sent will use two credits, one for the email itself and one for the attachment. Contact for details on the number of credits required based on the size of your attachments. 
  • Attachments increase the file size of your email. Some email services apply a maximum email size and block delivery if your email is over that limit. 
  • Some email services block attachments outright. Gmail also has a feature where a user can block attachments from being delivered to their own inbox.
  • The increased overall size of the email will result in a slower rate of send from Which50, and slower deliveries due to email service limits.

Optimising Deliverability:

  • Optimise your attachment for web usage to reduce the file size as much as possible. PDFs can usually be saved for web which will optimise the file for you.
  • Only send files as attachments if absolutely necessary, i.e. for regulatory reasons. CustomerMinds can also host your file for you and allow your contacts to download a file as an alternative.
  • Throttle your email to stay on the good side of the various email services - if they receive a high volume of emails at once they may suspect the email is spam, and even more so if there is an attachment. Which50 has native throttling built-in, but as email services are more suspicious of emails with attachments, it's best to be on the safe side.
  • If your email is a regulatory communication, speak to our managed services team about setting up a secondary channel for bounced emails, and finding all of the data you need to send letters to those who didn't receive the email.


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