Version 7.09

Additional Information during Data Importing

  • The File Import widget on the main contact screen has been changed to show the last 5 instead of the last 3.
  • File Imports will now show three different status upon completion:
  • Successful, Partially Successful, Unsuccessful.
  • If the import is only "Partially Successful", there will be a link to a folder containing a report on the dropped contacts, and an option to download and inspect them.
  • The status for the import will change with each step or sub-steps for file inserts. This will be more helpful in understanding the process.
  • All imports will receive a notification upon completion.


Email/SMS Send Throttling Feature improvement

  • If you throttle by day, the between boxes are replaced by one time box. The throttle will only send at 10am each day or the time chosen.

Campaign Activities

  • The campaign trigger screen has been amended to show triggers in groupings. The top set are only available before a campaign is activated and the bottom six can be added at any time.
  • There is a new notification that will be set up and sent after the completion of each days tasks for a recurring campaign.
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