The Consent App

When managing your database, ensuring each person you contact has opted in to be contacted is critical. Which50's consent management is straightforward, and the Consent App is the place to set it all up.

Here you can customise the Preferences page, to brand it correctly, and make sure people can trust the links in your emails. You can also provide a Consent Statement, or Privacy Policy, to ensure each contact can easily access the policies that may affect them.

Here are a few screenshots of the Consent App, showing the different settings available.

In the Style tab shown below, you can see the simple settings to edit the background, header, footer, and button colours on the page, so your brand colour codes can be used here.


In the Marketing tab shown below, most importantly your Consent Statement can be added, which allows your contacts to read any applicable information, particularly GDPR related.


And on the Unsubscribe tab shown below, you can edit the wording of the unsubscribe confirmation message, and the labels of your unsubscribe buttons, giving full control over the messaging.



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