Calculations - Properties Panel Options

The webform fields in Which50 can be used to calculate values based on information submitted. These Calculations can be achieved using JSON expressions, and can be useful for a variety of scenarios.

You'll see the 'Calculations' section on the right hand side of the screen in the W50 Designer, in the Properties Panel.



Below is an example of a webform that uses Calculations. The first 3 fields are to be filled in by the user, and the "Total Expenses" field is where the Calculation displays the resulting sum. This field will add up all the numbers entered in the other fields and display the total amount. This can be useful for info gathering and would save on the work of adding up the fields manually.



If you select any field, you can then click the 'Edit' button in the Calculations section, which in our example shows the "Total Expenses" field and the preview of the Calculation beside the Edit button.


Clicking the Edit button will pop up a screen where you can edit the Expression needed to make the Calculation happen. You can see that next screen and can read more about sample Expressions & Calculations here.


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