'Generated' eDocument

The Generated eDocument option allows you to design a template for your file, and then generate content that is personalised for each contact. This can be more than just a generic file sent to everyone, and could be useful for things like bank statements, for example. It can also include content generated from a webform submission, such as a 'digital receipt' sent to a customer who has just submitted their details and would like a copy.

The Generated eDocument differs from the other 2 options because it includes the Designer feature, which you will be familiar with from creating Emails and Webforms.edoc-3.png

Using the Generated eDoc option allows for a created file to have personalisation, and thus contain specific information for each individual recipient. This is much different from the Pre-Existing eDoc option, as no two generated eDocuments would be the same. Use the 'Edit Design' button and create a template for your file, and include any personalised fields you would like to display.


The next step is to determine where these Generated files will be stored, and what File Name will be given to them. In the example above, each file will include an individual "Account Number", in order to distinguish each recipient's relevant PDF.

Once these fields are filled in, the eDocument is ready to be attached to the relevant email. Select the correct email in your campaign and use the +Add Attachment button to add your eDoc, and select it from the dropdown menu.


Now your email is ready to be sent! With the eDocument set up and attached properly, this will now appear as an attached file on the email in the recipient's inbox.


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