'Automated Import' eDocument

The 'Automated Import' option allows you to automatically import files to be attached to your Email. These files can be regularly transferred via API or SFTP for example, so they can be automatically updated and sent out as often as necessary.



For example a batch of Monthly Invoice PDFs might need to be sent out - the correct invoice going to each individual customer. Using the Automated Import type of eDocument, the invoice files can be imported by the Which50 File Transfer system and attached to each individual email. In order to do this, an Inventory File containing details of the target contacts can be transferred, which enables each contact to be matched up to a corresponding invoice. Which50 will make sure each email goes to the correct contact, with their personalised attached file.



By clarifying which folder the file will be imported into, and what the file name will be, the Automated Import option will automatically pick up the correct file from the correct folder, and attach it to the email. This is well suited to an email that is sent out at regular intervals, and allows for attached files with up to date information, if constant changes are to be expected. The campaign in Which50 can be left to run for months or years, and any new files can be automatically imported and attached to the email.


To make sure the file is attached to the relevant email, select the correct email in your campaign and use the +Add Attachment button to add your eDoc, and select it from the dropdown menu.


Now your email is ready to be sent! With the eDocument set up and attached properly, this will now appear as an attached file on the email in the recipient's inbox.

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