A/B Split Testing Feature

Which50 can help you maximise your communication efforts, by utilising the A/B Split Test feature. This is a different type of Activity Trigger, and it can send 2 different emails out to an initial portion of your contacts. And then after a few hours (or on a certain date & time), the best performing version of the email will be determined automatically, and sent out to the remainder of your contacts.

In order to set up and utilise this feature, you must first create 2 separate Emails in your campaign. These emails should not be identical, but can be very similar in content, and could only vary in Subject Line perhaps. You may want to experiment with different tones of voice in your subject lines or introductory paragraphs.

Once your 2 Emails are set up, navigate to the Schedule step in your campaign. You should now create a new Activity, or edit any existing Activity.


 ou will see the option to 'Run Marketing Email A/B Split Test'. Here you can choose the amount of contacts the initial emails will send to, whether by percentage of the overall total send, or just by number of contacts.


You will also see options allowing you to choose when the Split Test winning email is decided, and by what metric.



Once you have chosen your desired options, click the save button, and your Activity Schedule should look like the below screenshot.


Your campaign can then be activated whenever you'd like, and the A/B Split Test will run. And after the stated period of time, the best performing email will be designated as the winner, and that will be sent out to the remainder of the contacts. This should maximise the potential for high Open Rates, or better Click Through Rates on your emails.

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