QR Codes

QR Codes can be used for linking to various webpages, and can provide a more tangible way to share links. They are becoming more useful as most phones are capable of scanning them, and so can be especially useful in physical media, and URLs no longer need to be typed up manually.

Adding a QR Code to your Email, Landing Page or eDocument in Which50 is very simple, and from now on you'll spot the new QR Code item alongside where you would normally add Text, Images and Buttons to your journeys.


Once you have added a QR Code to your journey, you will see the options available in the Properties Panel on the right hand side of the designer. This is where you can paste in the URL you wish to connect to the QR Code, as well as Alt Text in case any email recipients have images turned off in their inbox.


You will also be able to adjust the overall size of the QR Code within your content, and the Margin as well, which dictates the white space around your QR Code.

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