Merged eDocument

The Merged eDocument type allows you to combine 2 (or more) eDocs into 1 new eDoc. 

Setting up a Merged type eDoc is very similar to the other types, as the Destination Folder and File Name needs to be chosen. The difference for this type of eDoc is on the right hand side of the screen where you can choose the various eDocs to be merged together.


The example above shows a "Printed Letter" which is to be printed out and mailed to the customers. This combines 2 eDocs: the Initial Letter, and the FAQs. This allows you to send the "Initial Letter" without the FAQs if desired, and also allows you to create a link to the "FAQs" document on its own.

To setup this Merged eDocument, the 2 existing eDocs can be added by using the "Add Document" button on the right hand side, and then selecting the desired eDocs from the dropdown list.

Another benefit of a Merged eDoc allows you to create multiple versions, and in the below example this new Merged eDoc can be Password Protected. A new destination folder has been created ("Protected_PDFs"), and the 'Apply Passwords' feature has been turned on.

The Password here is simply each recipients Date of Birth, as shown by selecting the "DOB" field in the Contact List.


Note: eDocuments available for merging must already be created in the same campaign.

Single Document 'Merge'

An alternative use case for this new Merged type eDocument is storing the exact same eDocument, but in separate folders. Therefore this new Merged eDoc can act as a sort of 'copy & paste', allowing for an eDocument of another type to be stored in another folder, or password protected. For example a Generated type eDoc doesn't have to be created again to be stored in a separate folder.

To do this, create a new eDocument in your campaign, select the "Merged" type, and then only select one document from the "Add Document" dropdown, and then edit the details as you require.


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