Version 9.06


  • When using Segmentation in your campaign (learn all about that here), The right hand column is used for 'Behavioural' segmentation. This allows you to segment your target audience based on interactions they've had with your previous campaigns. We have now added eDocuments to the segmentation options.
  • Also, through segmentation you can now include/exclude contacts based on when they have last received an email/SMS, with our new Time-Bound Filtering option.


  • We have replaced the Browser & Device pie charts at the bottom of the Reports screen in your campaigns. Now the pie charts will display the portions of your audience based on: Duplicates, Bounces, Blanks, Invalid emails, Not Consented, Suppressed, & Delivered. And the proportion of Link Clicks too, based on what links are in your email.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Improved speed of File Imports
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