Version 9.05

Improvement to Scheduling Options

  • New “Allow Duplicates for Field” for Sub-Targets in Email/SMS.
    This will allow you to send your Email/SMS to duplicate contacts, and pick the field to use when determining who counts as a duplicate contact. (In the past this was limited to only duplicate email addresses.)

Contact List

  • New contact list fields for: PassCode, ReferenceCode and SpotCheck
    These will allow you to create unique passcodes or reference codes for each contact. And you can now designate a contact for Spot Checking (similar to designating Test Contacts), which will allow that contact to receive and approve any SpotCheck emails. These designated contacts can be selected from a dropdown menu when using the SpotCheck feature in your campaign.

  • Added new “Find Duplicates” dropdown in the Contacts Editor search section.


  • New Daily Reports information added for eDocuments.
  • New thumbnail visuals created for eDocuments.

Miscellaneous Changes 

  • Added a 'Filter' option to the Compliance portal History Tab.
  • Updated the Approval Process to include the ability to Deny Approval for emails/SMS.
  • Extended the File Imports list to show the last 10 imports instead of the last 5.
  • When using the 'History' button while viewing/editing individual contacts, eDocuments have now been added to the History list.
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