Sending an Email/SMS to Duplicate Contacts

Sometimes you might need to send Emails or SMS to the same contact more than once in a single send. Which50 by default will automatically exclude any duplicate contacts found in your Contact List, however you can ignore this setting if necessary.

This can be especially useful for sending to contacts who may share an email address, such as an elderly couple who may be listed as two separate people in the Contact List, but both share a "" type email address. If 2 separate people in a Contact List share the same email address, when sending emails, Which50 will consider these as 1 person. The same applies for two people listed with identical Mobile numbers when sending an SMS campaign.

And so if you have 2 people (with different account numbers for example) but the same email address, it is easy to instruct Which50 to 'send to duplicates', by using the toggle found in the screenshot below.


To access the function, you can find it when you Edit Campaign Activities, and you can learn more about how to do that here. Simply put, navigate to the Schedule screen in your campaign, and edit the Activity found there.

You can then toggle on the "Send to All Duplicates" feature, and Which50 will ignore the default exclusion of any duplicate contacts.


For an even more advanced option, you can now select which field should be used to determine the Duplicate Contacts. This can be done by navigating to the same "Edit Campaign Activity" screen found in your Email/SMS campaign, and then using the drop-down menu as shown in the screenshot below.


Using this drop-down menu, you will be shown a list of the Fields in your Contact List, and can choose any one of them to determine where the Duplicate Contacts can be found. Where previously this feature would have been restricted to duplicate email addresses, or duplicate mobile numbers, now it can be used in conjunction with any Field, for example duplicate Account Numbers.

Please get in touch with us at: if you wish to talk about how best to employ this feature if you think it could be of use in your campaigns.

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