Version 9.09

Compliance Portal

  • You can now click on the 'History' button in the Compliance Portal to see interaction history of that Email, SMS or Landing Page for a particular contact.

Landing Pages

  • New Dynamic Options: Form fields, images with links and buttons can be enabled or disabled based on certain conditions met.
    • When a component is hidden, you can now preserve the space that would be used if the component was visible.
  • Extends hide/show, enable/disable form fields expressions to support the state of the form they belong to


Activity Triggers

  • New Activity available for the 'Batch Import of Documents'. This allows you to upload PDFs plus an inventory file and after importing the PDFs, another activity can be run.
  • You can now setup a notification for an Import Activity or a Recurring Activity, that will notify you if there are 0 contacts in the file being imported/used.
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