Testing your Email

Once you have finished designing your Email, click the Save button at the top left of the screen. 


Then click the X Close button to the right of the screen. It is now time to Test your Email.


Please note: You must choose a Subject line for your Email before Testing. Tests will not send for Emails without a Subject line. You must also have created a basic Email design before you begin testing.

When you click on the Close button you are returned to the Manage Content screen. You will see the thumbnail of your Email on the right side. Above the thumbnail, click on the Test button as shown below:

A popup window will then open with a dropdown with all the designated test email accounts for the Contact list you are using. Tick the box of any email addresses you want to send the email to for testing and click Send.


(You can find out how to manually add new contacts into a previously uploaded list, and how to nominate Test Contacts, here.)

You will also see the 'View History' option here, which will show a list of all of the Test Emails that have been sent to that particular contact chosen. This can be useful to see if a contact has received and opened the Test email sent to them, and when exactly.

Testing is a very important stage of your Journey creation. Without really seeing your Email as it appears in an inbox it is impossible to be sure that everything is formatted correctly. You should request that your Test Contacts also open your Email on their smartphones and tablets to further test mobile responsiveness and layout.

If during testing you find something you are unhappy with, simply click on Edit this Design to re-open your email and make the changes required. Save, Close and Test again. You can continue following these steps until you are completely satisfied.

After testing, you can begin to look at the next stage, Segmentation.

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