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In Manage Content, you decide what information will be displayed in your recipients’ inboxes, and design your Email. To begin, name your Email. It is important to choose an easily identifiable name for your own records. Remember, this may not be the only Email you send within this overall Journey, and you may need to distinguish it from related Emails in your Journey Reports. Recipients of the Email will not see this name.Journey-details.png


Choose what "From" name will appear to recipients in their inbox, and the "From" Email address.

You can select a different Reply Email address, if you would like replies to go to a different address than the "From" address.

You must choose a Subject line for your Email. This needs to be quite descriptive, so that people will be interested enough to open your Email. Do not use Subject lines like "Newsletter" etc. that do not tell users the value of opening the Email. The Subject needs to pique the recipients’ interest. You will not be able to Test an Email that does not have a Subject line.


You can also Personalise the Subject line by clicking Insert Field. A dropdown will open showing all the Field headers from the Contact List associated with this Journey. A common choice here would be FIRST_NAME, which would place the recipient's first name in the Subject line. Be careful when employing Personalisation however, as if there are any gaps in your database, recipients without a first name entry will receive a blank space where their first name should be.

For more on the importance of choosing a strong Subject line, and some invaluable tips on getting the best results from your Email Journeys, see here.

Below Subject you have different options to Enable Track Links, Include Browser Link, Enable Google Analytics and Include Unsubscribe Link. All of these options are pre-selected to ON by default, except Enable Google Analytics.


Enable Track Links allows you to track which links within your email are opened, and how frequently.

The Unsubscribe Link allows recipients to unsubscribe from future communications from you. Remember, an Unsubscribe Link is a legal requirement.

Include Browser Link allows recipients to open your Email in their preferred web browser if they are having trouble viewing it in their inbox.

All of these options can be manually enabled or disabled as desired. When enabled, they will display at the bottom of your Email. If you plan to have any such links within the body of your Email you can disable the corresponding Which50 options.

If you would like to Enable Google Analytics, bear the following in mind. In order for Google Analytics to function correctly, ensure that your Journey Name and your Email Name do not contain any spaces. Use underscores [_], punctuation [.] etc.

When alterations are made in Manage Content, a message in the topright corner of the screen will alert you to unsaved changes.


Remember to Save your Journey on a regular basis using the green Save button at the top right, as there is no autosave option in Which50. This is because the process of Journey creation will naturally involve you making a large number of changes, both minor and major, as you work through and refine your Journey. Autosave would mean permanent modifications would be made to your Journey that you may not have intended.

You can now move on to designing your Journey Email. In the next articles we will explore editing your Email in the HTML based Designer that will open when you click the 'Edit Design' blue button.


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