Create a File Import Trigger

A very useful Activity Trigger in Which50 is a File Import Trigger. This means that when new Contacts are Merged into a Previously Uploaded Contact List, a particular Email/SMS will automatically be sent to those new Contacts.

A File Import Trigger is a very valuable feature for ongoing, rolling Campaigns, and can be set up as follows:

Important: For a File Import Trigger to work, you must set up the Campaign in the first instance with an empty Contact List. Ensure this empty Contact List contains no Contact data, only Field Headers that are identical to the Field Headers in the Contact List you intend to Merge in.

In the Step 1. Select the Trigger event dropdown, choose Other... and then choose Contacts Inserted.

In the Step 2. Select the Action to run dropdown, choose Send Mail to Audience and select the Email you wish to send. For SMS, choose Send SMS to Audience.

Click the Green Accept button to enable the Activity Trigger. You will be returned to the Schedule screen.

When the empty Contact List is associated with the Campaign, you must Activate the Campaign before uploading your real Contact List. Only after setting up the File Import Activity Trigger and Activiating the Campaign should you begin Merging in your Contacts.

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