Viewing and Exporting Campaign Comparison Reports in Which50

As well as viewing specific Campaign reports, you can also see how your Campaign stats compare with one another. You can choose the date range you require, and view and export your Comparison Reports, segmented by communication channel.

Click on the Reports dropdown in the topright corner of any screen in Which50. Click Compare.

In the Selection Period, choose whether you would like to go back a certain number of Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters or Years, or input a specific Date range.

In Filter by Contact List, you can include All Lists in your calculations, or filter by a particular list.

In Grouping, you can view statistics for each individual Activity within a Campaign, or high level stats for the Campaign overall. Alternatively, you can Group Campaigns by Week, Month, Quarter, or Year.

Once you have entered your overall selection criteria, click the Green Run Comparison button. Your stats will calculate and display below the Run Comparison button.

Your Campaigns will be segmented by communication channel, with different tabs labelled Emails, Text messages (for SMS), and Landing Pages (for WebForms). 

You can choose what level of variance you wish to highlight by changing the percentage number in the Highlight Variance selection box.

You can Export your Comparison data by clicking the Export button. You can export as an Excel 2007 file, an Excel 2003 file, or a CSV file.

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