Set up Journey - SMS

When you click Standard SMS Campaign, you will be brought to the Set up Campaign screen. This is the first of the four stages in creating a fully functioning Standard SMS Campaign.

You will see the names of all four stages along the top of the screen, with arrows showing their sequential relationship. These are:

Set up Campaign > Manage Content > Segmentation > Schedule.

Once you have completed stage one, Set up Campaign, you can navigate freely back and forth through these four stages. In this guide, we will explore each stage in sequence.

The first step is to give a name to your Campaign. Choose a clear, identifiable Campaign name, so you can find the Campaign easily among your archived Campaigns in the future.

After you have named your Campaign, the next step is to select a Contact List. Click on the 3 dots symbol to display any Contact Lists that have been uploaded to your account. You can learn more about working with Contact Lists here.

Next, choose branding. This will usually be set to your company's branding by default, but you may have different options available. Always ensure you choose the correct branding option for your Campaign, but it can be edited in the Manage Content step.


Finally on the Set up Campaign screen you can enter optional Tags - useful for filtering similar campaigns - or Comments. These are only visible to you, and will not be visible to recipients when the Campaign is sent out.

When you are finished, click the green Save and Continue button.

Once you press Save and Continue it will bring you to the Manage Content screen.

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